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Free And Premium Beats with all used samples and presets

Free beats include Demo only (no project file)

Free And Premium Samples

Free Sample packs include Demo only (To try out)

Project Files | FLPs


Are All samples are royality free ?

Yup, All samples are royality free.

Which version of FL Studio do i need ?

Y'll need Version 20.7.2 or higher . Samples may works on older version but Project file not.

How do i get my products?

After purchase , Y'll redirect into new page where you can get your download link . Download link will be send to your gmail too. if you didn't get your product contact us into aamolacharyamusic@gmail.com with your gmail address from which you made a purchase

Why am i not getting gmail ?

Sometimes Gmail goes in to your spam inbox. So, make sure to check your spam inbox too.